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Dedication to the details that "serve" the environment.

Company Profile

ARTONI E FADANI S.R.L. is located in Gussola (CR) and currently (2020) covers an area of about 55,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters of which are covered, with about 50 employees working alongside partners and members of their families in the activity.

Our company was founded in 1962 as segheria, from the initiative of Mr. Artoni Eugenio and Mr. Fadani Cesare who immediately focused, with strong motivation and commitment, on the packaging sector. In the first moments the activity turns to the local fruit and vegetable market with the production of wooden boxes. After about 5 years, the Artoni and Fadani families decided to take a significant turn in their lives, committing themselves with all their energy to the project of producing poplar plywood.


After buying the land and building the first shed, the first plants and machinery are started. It was 1972 when the company took on the name of Artoni & Fadani S.n.c. by Artoni Eugenio & C. a well-established operating structure that certainly rewards the efforts and energy expended by the two founders and their respective families. From 1 January 2017 the company takes the name Artoni e Fadani S.r.l.

The strengths have always been, without doubt, the specialization and service accompanied by punctuality and courtesy; to achieve all this over time has always focused on staff training and a symbiosis between property and employees that are the basis of all the way here.

Our secret

What allowed to satisfy customers, often recommending ad hoc samples, was the deep knowledge of the raw material (…those poplars that so animate our Po floodplain) and the humility of always questioning oneself. The pioppo is a tall-stem plant, mainly grown in water-rich alluvial areas, has a natural life cycle of 10 years and is easy to replace when cut. Artoni e Fadani S.r.l. has decided to focus its choice on poplar groves coming from the national territory, of which there is a better knowledge, aimed mainly at the intrinsic qualities of the soil.

These two prerogatives, having always been the cornerstones of the working life of the two founding partners, have been handed down naturally and spontaneously in the second and third generations; so much so that the owners are currently running a family business that has carved out a role as a “boutique” within the market of the thin plywood to be ennobled.


In particular, from 2015 to 2018 a great deal of investment was made in technology, strongly changing the company’s dynamics from a 4.0 point of view; all this has had a strong qualitative and economic impact on the range of Artoni and Fadani products to the benefit of better integration in an increasingly globalised and competitive market.

During 2019 we obtained certification for the production and marketing of plywood panels according to EPA TSCA TITLE VI.

Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Rule” certification.


In recent years, Artoni e Fadani Srl has begun a growth process that has led to the renewal of many production plants with a view to Industry 4.0, integrating the benefits of improving processes, and therefore products, with the environmental benefits of less wood waste and more conscious energy consumption.

We are constantly looking for new solutions that can bring benefits on bonding at structural level and formaldehyde emissions, organizing a series of internal tests to be always ready to face new market demands.

Experience in the Business

The experience gained in years of working alongside customers, which has created a well identified DNA within the company, allows us to better understand the market demands, putting customer service at the center of production management: the extreme flexibility achieved on all plants in fact allows us to meet the various needs in terms of quantity, size and finish.

There is a strong commitment to transferring the experience accumulated over time by intensifying training within the production, management, administrative and commercial processes.

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