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Direct Purchase of Poplar Groves

The identity of our company starts from the intrinsic qualities of the poplar groves, rigorously selected to enhance the best of our plywood.


Selected Suppliers

Selected suppliers to maintain high quality standards in the supply of raw materials.


Drying and Browse Selection

At this stage, the sheets are subjected to the drying process, during which the moisture content of the sheets is drastically reduced. Once dried, the sheets undergo an initial selection phase and are sorted according to quality and technical characteristics.


Panels Production

The production of plywood panels is carried out by two composition and pressing plants. A traditional plant equipped with two composition lines serving a multi-layer press and an extremely flexible innovative plant equipped with a robotized composition line serving a single-press, used both for standard productions and for particular customer’s request.

  • Composition: long-grain, cross-grain, customized (e.g. all long-grain/unidirectional layers)
  • Thickness from 2.7 to 40 mm
  • Gluing: class 1, class 2
  • Formaldehyde Emission: E1, E05, CARB PHASE 2

Squaring and Sawing

The panels are squared or sectioned in the sizes requested by the customer, through circular blades that work at high speed on a single axis that is integrated with a rotary table that supports the panels during the cutting phases.


Panel sanding

In 2017, it was installed a new state-of-the-art plant, composed of:

  • Two opposing steel calibration heads
  • Two opposed multi-purpose heads for calibration and rubber grinding 60 sh.
  • Two opposing heads with contact buffers for finishing with grits from 150 to 220

An automatic loading and unloading system for the panels completes the line, allowing the operators to concentrate more on the choice of products and guaranteeing a high standard of material quality.

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