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ARTONI e FADANI is a family business that produces poplar plywood panels (core business) but also other essences (exotic, birch, beech).

On the commercial, administrative and organizational parts of the production cycle in recent years the company has invested heavily on young, specialized and enterprising staff to take up all the new challenges on world markets. Moreover, with the latest investments in Industry 4.0 (2015-2018), the company has expanded its range of products and certifications, starting a process of growth at the service of the potential customer but also of the environment.

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At this stage, the sheets are subjected to the drying process, during which the moisture content of the sheets is drastically reduced. Once dried, the veneers undergo an initial selection phase and are sorted according to quality and technical characteristics.

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Plywood Production

Plywood Production

The production of plywood panels includes 2 distinct phases:
- Composition and gluing: the sheets, passing through a roller gluing machine, are coated homogeneously with urea or melamine resin, and then overlapped in a number of layers suitable to compose the final structure of the panel.
- Pressing: by means of a multi-press and a single-press, the peels are pressed with temperatures and pressures suitable for the crystallization of the previously coated resins. The pressing times vary according to the final thickness of the panels required.

Squaring and Sawing

Squaring and Sawing

The panels are squared or sectioned in the sizes requested by the customer, through circular blades that work at high speed on a single axis that is integrated with a rotary table that supports and moves the panels during the cutting phases.

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Sanding and Finishing

Sanding and Finishing

A latest-generation machine with 6 sanding heads (3 upper and 3 lower) combined with automatic loading and unloading systems, allows to obtain a perfect calibration and a homogeneous sanding on both sides of the panel, managing in an optimal way even the finest grits. In this phase also the selection of the various qualities of the panel is carried out.
Afterwards, the plywood and multilayer panels are strapped and packed according to the customer's shipping requirements.

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Some significant dates

Business Development

January 2017

Installation and commissioning of new six-head sanding system with automated loading and unloading stations.

May 2018

Installation and commissioning of a new robotized composition line and a new single-purpose press.


In recent years, Artoni e Fadani Srl has begun a growth process that has led to the renewal of many production plants with a view to Industry 4.0, integrating the benefits of improving processes, and therefore products, with the environmental benefits of less wood waste and more conscious energy consumption.


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